Стратегия и оперативен план на Трансграничен клъстер за зелена енергия "Констанца-Добрич"

Constanta Maritime University, together with Varna Business Agency, develops the project Green Energy Cluster  “Constanta-Dobrich”, MIS-ETC code 328. The project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, the Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

The Cross Border Green Energy Cluster “Constanța-Dobrich” will be established through this project. The main purpose of the project is to serve as a means to minimize risks and maximize opportunities that have been identified in the studies performed by Romanian and Bulgarian experts involved in the project, to support the prevention and reduction of economic divergencies among the regions, to create a common and sound business foundation, in a socially responsible way, in order to substantially improve the cross border cooperation level in the area.

The strategy of the Green Energy Cluster is clear, concise and realistic and, along with the designed operational plan, shall allow the cluster to foster the strengths needed to develop a triple-helix kind of partnership and to approach the weaknesses identified in the RES sector throughout the cluster region.  

A three-step approach was chosen for drafting the operational plan, which refers to three priority domains which are seen as “pillars” for the cluster’s strategy in the future years. These pillars are defined on short, medium and long term, as follows: on short term – focus on building the cluster’s capacity to operate as an independent and efficient organization; on medium term – focus on the wise use of natural resources through a planned, diversified and territorially balanced growth of renewable energy systems and on the common management system of environmental protection; on long term – focus on ensuring sustainable conditions to maximize the area’s potential for using green energy and on extending the influence and impact of the Green Energy Cluster.

The cluster will bring together people, communities, academia and the business industry from the Romania – Bulgaria, Constanta-Dobrich, boarder region in order to achieve the development of green energy use, the protection and the efficient exploitation of the area’s natural resources, using its human, natural and environmental assets and advantages, in a joint and sustainable manner.